Is to make children the heroes of the adventure and live magical and unforgettable moments they can share with their family and friends.
Scenarios are adapted to every age, imagined and conceived in association with children, schools, speech therapists, psychologists and childhood experts.


Personalisation offers for children to have an opportunity to recognise themselves in the story, thus developing the morale, self-esteem and confidence.  All our stories aim to stimulate learning and enhance reading passion from an early age and have been designed with high-quality original artwork with bright colours to fully engage a child’s imagination.  The stories are written in an educational and informative way, whilst remaining fun, positive, and engaging.

Personalisation improves a child’s learning ability and motivation

My World and I personalised books offers the possibility of sharing magical and unique moments which help the child become familiar with reading and inspire reading passion.  Which is more special and magical than becoming the hero of your own story !

Our products


When children become the heroes of their own stories

FROM € 12.90


Your child’s name sung many time in each track!

From €12.90


Children become the star of their own personalised cartoon 

From €27.90

Each story is unique

Each story is tailor-made and contains up to 20 personalization elements to live magical and unforgettable moments.

children's learning

Our stories have been developed with experts from the world of childhood to help them learn while having fun, to give them a taste for reading

unique gift ideas

Unique personalized gifts for the important moments of the children’s lives that they will keep for many years.

My granddaughter loves it and so do we! Ordering three more for Christmas gift

Sunita M


Unlock your ambition with My World and I

Our vision is to Empowering entrepreneurs to achieve professional success from the comforts of their home. Mission Statement: At My World and I, we believe it’s time for you to harness your true potential. As a market leader and expert in distributing personalized...

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