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Music is an integral part of a child’s life, regardless of age. Now imagine that your child discovers a whole personalized CD with his name mentioned in each song! No doubt: his eyes will light up and his face will light up with a broad smile! Beneficial, whether it’s a baby lullaby or nursery rhyme, the personalized songs My World to Me capture the attention of the little ones and allow them to become familiar with the sounds of their language and develop their curiosity. , while having fun !
A real musical awakening tool, each personalized CD is specially prepared for each child! In all our collections, the songs and first names were recorded in the studio in France, for music CDs for children of the highest professional quality.

In total: 6 albums in French are available, including 4 under license, such as personalized children’s CD Bisounours, Spiderman, The Fantastic 4 (external link) but also with Marvel heroes!

These fun, entertaining and educational albums to download incorporate songs like, learning your ABCs, counting, being nice to animals, Happy Birthday, using your imagination and many more. Each CD was created with the child in mind. All the albums are available to download in few clicks.

Customize your CD in 4 steps!

Choose your album

More than 30 albums available in 8 languages to choose from. Musics for children from 0 to 8 years old.

Customize your CD

Fill out the small form in a few seconds and choose the format of the album, either: immediate download or home delivery.

Songs recorded in France

All the songs were written and recorded in our studios in France. Each album can be downloaded immediately or shipped within 48 hours with delivery anywhere in the world.

Children feel unique

A magical moment when they listen to their album for an original, unique and memorable personalized gift. Your child becomes the star of his favorite song album!

what makes our custom CDs so special

Custom CDs made to measure

Varied and captivating CDs carefully personalized in which the child becomes the hero of his story to live magical moments


The songs were written and recorded in our recording studios in France.

Quality & hyper customization

CD labels are also customizable with the child’s first name (various possible first name spellings) and you can add a little message to add a little extra touch. More than 8000 first names are proposed


Find the full range of personalized CDs in English, French and other languages, such as Spanish, Romanian or Italian!

97% of satisfied customers

Our customers are happy to have trusted us. Happy and loyal customers is our priority.

A personalized CD with name for the twins!

My World Me declines all these children’s songs in duo version, with a double custom CD box dedicated to twins and twins. A birthday present or an original birth gift!


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