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YOU are the SUPERSTAR in your very own movie!

Children become the star of their own personalised cartoon DVD

A picture is worth a thousand words and our photo-personalised products leave them speechless!

Our photo personalised Cartoon DVD’s transform your child or loved one into an adventure hero in full colour animation as they star in their very own animated movie.

An original gift idea for great family time

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More than 6 cartoons for the little ones and older are available. It’s up to you to choose the story in which your child will be the star! DVDs also available in English and other languages.

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Fill out the small form in a few seconds and add the following customization options: first name, photo and personalized message!

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Each DVD can be downloaded immediately or shipped within 48 hours with delivery anywhere in the world.

Your child is the star of his own movie

In addition to placing your child as the hero of the adventure with his name and picture, cheap custom DVDs promise beautiful moments of sharing and laughter in shambles


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